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Pork Tongue

Rea Valley Pork tongue is second in the line-up of our pasteurised, chilled range. Pork tongue is leaner and lighter in colour than its bigger Ox tongue brother. Pork tongue has proven popular with shoppers looking for something slightly less bold in taste than Ox tongue, at a more everyday price point.

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and chilled counter

In the early days in the UK, pork and beef tongues were sold in glass jars, packed with jelly. They were considered luxury items, and they were one of the more expensive items within the deli counter meats section.

Today our pork tongues are most commonly found at your local deli counter or chilled meats aisle and it remains a popular favourite, particularly with the older generation of shoppers.

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Care & attention

Our premium pork tongue (sometimes referred to as lunch tongue) is carefully trimmed and packed by hand by our team of experienced packers. Each takes the time to ensure each log is packed tight and evenly throughout, with each pork tongue roll precisely interleaved and pressed to give improved firmness and texture, with a smooth light marbled appearance.

This care and attention, results in a chilled pork tongue that we believe is category-leading in both quality and taste.

Packed in bulk wholesale logs, which are sold across delicatessen counters nationwide, in addition to being sliced into convenient in-home pre-pack sliced meat formats for retail chiller cabinets.

Chilled pork tongue is consumed across the globe turning up as an ingredient in tacos across Mexican and Salvadoran restaurants chains, as an ingredient in the Brazilian bean stew feijoada, and in smoked form at Russian and German deli counters.


Medium bodied taste – End to end slicing – Low fat – Low jelly – Contains over 100% Pork Tongue – No added water – British & EU Pork Tongue

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“Our skilled staff take quality seriously, taking time to ensure that their hand trimming and packing is never rushed, to ensure we deliver a perfect product time and time again – we welcome you to taste the difference!”

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