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British Corned Beef

Rea Valley British corned beef is the newest chilled meat entry in the Rea Valley chilled cooked meats range. Rea Valley British corned beef was launched in 2012 in response to consumer and customer demand for more ethical and sustainably sourced corned beef.

Rea Valley

Closer to home

 Big taste with a small footprint

With over 80% of the world’s corned beef production coming out of Brazilian beef plants, it was clear that for the good of the planet, there had to be a home-grown option available for those environmentally conscious consumers, who wanted to reduce the environmental impact of the food they eat.

British Corned Beef

Rea Valley

100% British Beef

Rea Valley corned beef is made with UK sourced beef and produced in much smaller quantities than its Brazilian counterparts. Our small-scale production allows our team to focus on quality and consistency, from farm to fork, to ensure that Rea Valley British corned beef tastes great time and time again.

This care and attention, results in a corned beef that slices perfectly for salads and sandwiches, whilst crumbling to a fine grit texture, perfect for stews and hash.

British corned beef is building in popularity as consumers look to make more ethical food choices. With its rich full-bodied flavour, distinct red colour and firm texture, you can take comfort in the fact that it has travelled fewer miles to reach your plate.

Today, corned beef turns up as an ingredient across foodservice in addition to being a much-loved regular across deli counter and pre-pack meat aisles.  Popular with families for lunchboxes and wholesome tea-time stews such as pinacalty, corned beef hash and scouse.

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Full bodied taste – End to end slicing – Contains over 120% Beef – No added water – Made only with Beef from British Farms

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Over 120% Beef

Using only selected quality cuts of beef from trusted British suppliers… for a taste that is unsurpassed.

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